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*Project 3 Disclaimer!* This was obviously not my “lucky project.” For starters, my partner did not let me know that he would not be returning to Middlebury in time until very late, so I ended up doing my project by myself and with very little idea of what to do since I could not implement my original idea. Now, it seems that I foolishly deleted the video from YouTube and naturally, cannot find my back-up copy because I deleted my portable drive and returned it to Ethan already. To refresh your memory, I did the music mash-up with scenes from Shrek.

Project 4Gaming

Project 5Final


Class: To my knowledge, I attended every single class (and if I missed one, it was surely due to illness). I did all of the readings (some more carefully than others, if my interest in the subject exceeded the usual amount), I participated in class discussions, and completed all of my assignments in a timely manner. Surely, on the surface, all of these characteristics would deem be the exemplary student. However, I will be the first to admit that towards the end, my blogging diminished and the content of all of my work may have lacked intellectual depth. However, I will take credit in being the one who told Joe that I really wanted to go see the servers…that whole trip may have not happened had it not been for my childlike enthusiasm (just saying…) As for my final project, I put in a lot of time and hard work into it, the minute that I came up for the idea in class. I think my final project is more substantial than my previous projects. (Grade: B-)

Blogging: In the beginning, my blogging was “on-time” and somewhat informative. However, as the semester continued, I did not keep up with it as much as I could have. I attribute this to two things: 1) I have my own personal blog that I started this January that I write in every day ( and 2) I didn’t come across as many “technical” things in my every day life that merited to be written about. At the expense of a better grade, I would rather not write than write something pointless simply for the sake of adding posts to increase the amount. (Grade: C-)

Twitter: If there is a redeeming facet to my academic achievement in “Media Technology and Cultural Change” it is my Twittering. I think I was just about the best Twitterer. I tweeted about necessary things, unnecessary things, funny things, personal things, re-tweeted the greats (Ebert, Colbert, Cavaliers…) I think my participation in Twitter was stellar and few can disagree. I think Twitter (especially if you have it in an easily accessible form, for example as an application on my phone) is a great tool to quickly and easily mass-communicate. (Grade: A+)

Overall Grade: B-

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