Celebrities Who Play World of Warcraft

I was interested in seeing who else played World of Warcraft (and my “else” I meant not your everyday average people). Turns out, that many celebrities play World of Warcraft (go figure?) According to my sources…

1. Mila Kunis (the chick from That 70’s Show…what?!)
2. Macaulay Culkin
3. Dave Chappelle (Snap!)
4. William Shatner (Predictable…)
5. Matt Stone (Co-Creator of South Park)
6. Trey Parker (Co-Creator of South Park)
7. Vin Diesel
8. Robin Williams
9. Verne Troyer (Mini-Me!)
10. Mr. T
11. Jay Mohr
12. Elijah Wood (Hahahahaha, of course)
13. Chuck Norris (Really? Wow…)
14. Brandon Routh (The New Superman Guy…)
15. Jimmy Fallon

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