Remix Video Project Link

For my Remix video project I really wanted it to be fun and filled with music.  I had several other ideas that I was toying with but due to unforeseen circumstances and time constraints I had to switch gears. Fortunately, the finished product (while not perfect) is definitely to my liking, only because I thought it was a lot of fun to make. I encountered a few problems when I was attempting to pick the various songs to match the video that I chose, but I think that in the end it turned out alright. I made a few edits to the video itself, but the soundtrack to it was completely my doing (as in, I picked out the tunes, I added them in a way I thought “worked”). Anyways, here is my Remix Video which I have (just) titled “Get Shrecked” (a play off Shrek and “get wrecked”…you know…like wasted. Yes, I’m promoting drinking).


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