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Monthly Archives: November 2013


Friday, November 15: Middlebury (0-0) vs. Alvernia (0-0), 6 p.m. Webcast The last time Middlebury lost before the New Year was in 2008, when the current freshmen were in middle school. The senior class is 24-0 in such games, but that spotless record is in jeopardy tonight as the 2013-14 season tips off against Alvernia […]

2013-14 Basketball Preview Links

Here are links to each feature of our 2013-14 Middlebury and NESCAC basketball preview. ••• Middlebury roster profiles Conference preview Schedule breakdown and analysis Looking back at the big three All-Conference teams and awards Final thoughts Preseason interviews: Merryman and Sinnickson; Huff, Pendergast, and Daley; St. Amour, Brown, Naughton, and Jones Video: The Road to […]

Middlebury Basketball Documentary: Part I

Damon has been working along with students Kyle Finck and Sasha Schell on producing a documentary about Middlebury basketball. Part one was released this morning, with a focus on the success story of Jeff Brown. These guys are doing impressive work, and we look forward to sharing the final product after the season.  

Wrapping Up the Preview

We’ve covered a lot in the past two days, but there were a couple of thoughts and questions that needed to be discussed further. The following is our attempt to answer those questions and share our final thoughts about the team before the season begins. Who do you project to be day one starters? Who […]

Schedule Breakdown and Analysis

In our conference breakdown, we discussed how Middlebury would match up with every opponent, and projected a final conference regular season record of 8-2. But this year, more than any other, their fate could be determined by how they finish out of conference. Given the likely non-conference success that will be had by Williams, Amherst, […]