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Fantasy Football Week 3

After splitting the first two weeks, I took Week 3 to give me a 2-1 season lead. Below is the scoreboard, followed by some quick thoughts and our weekly transactions. Damon will be posting a Williams preview by tomorrow morning.

QB Warren 12.2 QB Foote 14.1
QB Ciero 0 QB Doll 6.4
RB Drew 19.5 RB Stannell 0
RB Donnarumma 19.6 RB Curit 14.4
RB Bunker 17.7 RB Scyocurka 14.2
RB Gibson 17 RB Crick 2.2
WR Rankowitz 14 WR O’Malley 19.7
WR Jensen 5.7 WR Minno 14.4
WR Jones 7.7 WR Hurwitz 2.7
WR Duncklee 1.3 WR Ragone 2.8
WR Davis 1.4 WR Fabien 6.9
WR Payton 2.3 WR Way 1.9
TE Hughes 0.8 TE Kenyon 2.2
TE Budness 14 TE Sadik-Khan 12.1
D/ST Bates 12 D/ST Trinity 8
D/ST Bowdoin 10 D/ST Middlebury D/ST -1
K Donahue 1 K Mallock 5
156.2 126
Bench Adrinka 10.5 Bench Cooleen 2.9
Bench Doherty 7.1 Bench Zelkowitz 8.2

One of the major storylines this week was the disappearance of James Stannell, Hamilton’s best player and the conference leader in all-purpose yards last season. His status going forward will have major fantasy implications, and could be fatal to Hamilton’s hopes of picking up a win this season. Justin Ciero, Colby’s starting quarterback, was replaced after a poor performance, but we would be very surprised if he loses the starting job. He is one of the better quarterbacks in the league. Middlebury’s top four pass-catchers — Minno, Sadik-Khan, Zelkowitz, and Rankowitz — are the top four in the league in both catches and receiving yards.

Damon ADDS Rico Gonzalez, Hamilton WR/RB*; DROPS Jack Cooleen, Tufts WR
Jeff ADDS Amherst D/ST; DROPS Bates D/ST
Damon ADDS Chance Brady, Tufts WR; DROPS Brian Ragone, Amherst WR
Jeff ADDS Max Lippe, Amherst QB; DROPS Kenny Adrinka, Amherst RB
Jeff ADDS Phil Nwosu, Amherst K; DROPS Charlie Donahue, Bates K

*Listed at WR but getting reps as the starting RB, Gonzalez will have dual eligibility for now.

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    Ok, I’m very familiar with fantasy football. Even college fantasy football. But I don’t recognize any of these names!

    Can someone please give me a bit of background! 🙂


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