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NESCAC Prop Bets

Damon and I made a series of prop bets in anticipation of the upcoming season:

Trinity: 7.5 wins
Damon: Under
They should be favorites in every game but are not so far ahead of the competition that the odds favor an undefeated season.
Jeff: Under
8-0 is hard to do; taking the under here is gambling 101.

Evan Bunker: 150 rushing yards per game
Damon: Over
Bunker will get more carries this year but will also face more eight-man fronts, so I expect about the same as last season (159 ypg).
Jeff: Over
One bad game could throw this off but he has been incredibly consistent over his career.

Mac Foote: 24 pass TD
Damon: Over
He’s still Middlebury’s only viable scoring option.
Jeff: Under
With no Driscoll or Chapman, the red zone offense will suffer.

Matthew Minno: 50 catches
Damon: Over
He’s not Zach Driscoll but can fill in a similar role as a big primary target for Mac Foote.
Jeff: Under
The receiver depth chart is too much if an unknown at this point.

Trinity backfield: 21 total touchdowns
Damon: Over
The backfield will be an even bigger focal point this year, and Budness and Crick are two of the best receiving backs in the conference as well.
Jeff: Under
I’m a believer in Henry Foye and a passing offense that will take advantage of defensive gameplans aimed at stopping the run.

Ben Crick: 6.5 yards per carry
Damon: Under
I think he will get more carries this year, which hurts his chances of maintaining such an impressive per carry rate.
Jeff: Under
Exactly. I’m guessing Crick gets another 3-4 carries per game this season, which likely means a lower average.

Ladarius Drew + Kyle Gibson: 1150 rushing yards
Damon: Over
They form the second most dynamic running back duo in the NESCAC.
Jeff: Under
Wesleyan is not headed in the right direction this season.

Andrew Kukesh: 6 INT
Damon: Under
Every quarterback will identify Kukesh at the line of scrimmage and avoid him.
Jeff: Over
NESCAC quarterbacks aren’t that good, and Kukesh is.

Nik Powers: 7 sacks
Damon: Over
A one of a kind type rusher who will see more snaps this season
Jeff: Over
Young athletic pass rushers make big strides from year to year as their arsenal of rushing moves expands.

Tim Patricia: 90 total tackles
Damon: Over
He might already be the conference’s premier middle linebacker, and more rushers will reach the second level against Middlebury this year.
Jeff: Under
11 tackles per game is difficult to sustain.

James Stanell: 40% of Hamilton’s total offense
Damon: Over
I like him at least 40% more than anyone else on Hamilton.
Jeff: Over
I don’t think your math lines up, but I agree with the sentiment.

Luke Duncklee: 1.5 games 100 Rec yards
Damon: Under
Too many things have to go right for him to get 100 yards receiving.
Jeff: Over
I’ll always be a Duncklee believer; one of the most dynamic players in the conference.

Tufts: 1.5 wins
Damon: Over
After a couple strong recruiting classes, Tufts is ready to take a big step forward.
Jeff: Under
Tough schedule keeps them at one, but they are no longer the worst team in the league.

Conference receiving yards leader:
Damon: Brendan Rankowitz
His familiarity with Foote will put him at the top of the best passing attack in the NESCAC.
Jeff: Jake O’Malley
Probably the best wide receiver in the league, but whichever receiver emerges as the clear-cut #1 in Middlebury will likely surpass him. I’m just not sure that will be Rankowitz.

Conference leading tackler
Damon: Patricia
The game will slow down even more for Patricia in year 2.
Jeff: Griffin Cardew
Among other things (12 more tackles last season), Cardew benefits from playing on a worse team that faces more runs.

2nd most passing yards (behind Foote)
Damon: Jack Doll
Coach Civetti is committed to a passing offense, and Doll won the job last season before going down with an injury.
Jeff: Henry Foye
Trinity might not miss Ryan Burgess for long.

Bold prediction
Damon: Tufts’ Jack Cooleen will be the best all-around receiver in the NESCAC.
Jeff: Trinity’s Brett Cde Baca will win defensive player of the year in a landslide.

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