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kpl7i8jmp4te1b5lThere are not many places to get good Division III football coverage or coverage of the NESCAC, but’s Kickoff feature goes in depth on every team in every conference. It is thorough, professional, and of great value to anybody who wants to be informed heading into the 2013 season — the stuff you won’t know from looking at a roster and statistical archive (e.g. transfers, position battles, emerging stars, offseason developments). We were lucky enough to write the NESCAC preview this season, and it was a great experience, but more importantly, we found a lot of new information that most people probably will not know or notice until partway through the season. We talked to every head coach in the conference, and to some players as well, all of whom were helpful and open about their respective teams. We turned that into 8,000 words of information, predictions, and analysis. There is a charge for the Kickoff preview — $11 for public, $7 for .edu address  — but given all of the work that goes into the free content on the network (this is the only subscription content), as well as the unique access that Kickoff provides, it is not unreasonable. We hope you make the purchase and send us your feedback.

Here is the link to Kickoff 2013.

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