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A Quick Note on Zach Driscoll

While we are hoping to see Middlebury QB Mac Foote, WR Zach Driscoll, and TE Billy Chapman all named to this year’s D3 Football All-American team, I wanted to take a minute to make the case very explicitly for Driscoll, whose Herculean efforts have somehow gone underappreciated this season. Damon and I have spent plenty of time describing his style of play here on the blog, so I just wanted to pass along a few stats.

Zach finished the season with 83 receptions, 1,134 receiving yards, and 15 TD receptions in 8 games. It was easily the best receiving season in NESCAC history, as he set new single-season marks for receptions and TDs, and finished 3 yards shy of the yardage record. He should certainly win the NESCAC OPoY award. National honors, however, are much more difficult to come by, as there are 229 more teams with which to compete. So, how does Zach match up among the dozens of superstar wide receivers across the nation?

As of today (some teams still have games remaining), Driscoll ranks 2nd in receptions/game, 2nd in yards/game, and 1st in TDs/game, nationally. Objectively speaking, that is the best statistical season of any wideout in the country. Here is my quick ranking of the top 5 in the country.

1. Zach Driscoll, Middlebury: 2nd in receptions/game, 2nd in yards/game, 1st in TD/game
2. Brandon Boyle, Castleton: 4th in receptions/game, 1st in yards/game, 2nd in TD/game
3. Matthew Tuckness, Occidental: 1st in receptions/game, 4th in yards/game, outside top 25 in TD/game
4. Eric Rogers, Cal Lutheran: 6th in receptions/game, 3rd in yards/game, 4th in TD/game
5. James Gladstone, Westminster: 3rd in receptions/game, 7th in yards/game, 11th in TD/game

Zach should be a lock for First-Team All-American.

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