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NESCAC Fantasy Football Update

In Week 1 of our two team NESCAC Fantasy Football league, Jeff took down 178-161. Here were the high scorers:

Mac Foote: 31 pts.
Evan Bunker:  27 pts.
Adam Marske: 23 pts.
Darren Hartwell: 21 pts.
Nick Kenyon: 20 pts.
Billy Chapman: 20 pts.
Zach Driscoll: 19 pts.
Remi Ashkar: 16 pts.

Here are our waiver wire moves before Week 2 kicks off, which will give you an idea of how the top players in the NESCAC are looking:

Damon adds Evan Silva, drops Marco Hernandez
Jeff Adds Luke Duncklee, drops Ryan Curit
Damon adds Richie Beaton, drops Garret Hoy
Jeff adds Tyler Jacobs, drops Zach Donnarumma
Damon adds Wade McNamara, drops Josh Amster
Jeff adds Greg Payton, drops Nick Goldin
Damon adds Joseph Mallock, drops Jake Fleury
Damon adds Middlebury D/ST, drops Bowdoin D/ST
Damon adds Jesse Warren, drops Grant White
Jeff adds Marco Hernandez, drops Ben Crick

By the way, a preview of Middlebury-Colby will be out by Saturday morning.

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