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NESCAC Fantasy Football

In anticipation of today’s kickoff of the 2012 football season, Damon and I decided to start a 2-team NESCAC fantasy football league.

We had our draft yesterday, and the league is under the following rules: ESPN Standard scoring, weekly head-to-head schedule, 2 QBs, 4 RBs, 6 WRs, 2 TEs, and 2 D/STs.

In essence, this is our projection of the top 4 quarterbacks, the top 8 running backs, the top 12 widereceivers, the top 4 tight ends, and the top 4 defense/special teams units in the NESCAC, statistically. Not having seen all of these teams play before, and only having  heard/read rumors about starters and depth charts (and with no Matthew Berry value analysis or ESPN Big Board), we are sure there will be plenty of picks we want back, but for what it’s worth, here is how the draft unfolded, followed by the final rosters for our two teams. We will make sure to keep you updated on our competition, and our waiver wire pick-ups, as the season plays out. My picks are in blue, and Damon’s are in green.

  1. Mac Foote, QB, Middlebury (Jr)
  2. Evan Bunker, RB, Trinity (Jr)
  3. Billy Chapman, TE, Middlebury (Sr)
  4. LaDarius Drew, RB, Wesleyan (So)
  5. Remi Ashkar, RB, Middlebury (Sr)
  6. Zach Driscoll, WR, Middlebury (Sr)
  7. Darren Hartwell, WR, Williams (Sr)
  8. Ben Crick, RB, Trinity (Jr)
  9. Zack Donnarumma, RB, Bowdoin (Jr)
  10. A.J. Jones, WR, Trinity (Jr)
  11. Tom Wohlwender, RB, Williams (Sr)
  12. Adam Marske, QB, Williams (Jr)
  13. Ryan Curit, WR, Bates (Jr)
  14. Marco Hernandez, RB, Williams (Jr)
  15. Trinity D/ST
  16. Brandon Rankowitz, WR, Middlebury (So)
  17. Amherst D/ST
  18. Dylan Haas, WR, Tufts (Sr)
  19. Bowdoin D/ST
  20. Kevin Petrick, TE, Hamilton (Sr)
  21. Michael Lahiff, WR, Colby (Sr)
  22. Garret Hoy, WR, Hamilton (Sr)
  23. Josh Amster, WR, Middlebury (Sr)
  24. Tom Costello, K, Trinity (Sr)
  25. Kevin Hughes, TE, Wesleyan (Jr)
  26. Nick Kenyon, TE, Tufts (Sr)
  27. Max Lippe, QB, Amherst (S0)
  28. Jeff Riemann, WR, Williams (Sr)
  29. Jay Fabien, WR, Wesleyan (So)
  30. Grant White, QB, Bowdoin (Jr)
  31. Alex Scyocurka, RB, Williams (Jr)
  32. Nick Goldin, WR, Bowdoin (Sr)
  33. Williams D/ST
  34. Jake Feury, K, Middlebury
Continue below to see our opening day rosters

 Jeff’s Team

QB M. Foote
QB A. Marske
RB L. Drew
RB R. Ashkar
RB Z. Donnarumma
RB B. Crick
WR R. Curit
WR B. Rankowitz
WR M. Lahiff
WR J. Riemann
WR J. Fabien
WR N. Goldin
TE K. Petrick
TE K. Hughes
K T. Costello
D/ST Amherst
D/ST Williams

Damon’s Team

QB M. Lippe
QB G. White
RB E. Bunker
RB T. Wohlwender
RB M. Hernandez
RB A. Scyocurka
WR D. Hartwell
WR Z. Driscoll
WR A. Jones
WR D. Haas
WR G. Hoy
WR J. Amster
TE B. Chapman
TE N. Kenyon
K J. Feury
D/ST Trinity
D/ST Bowdoin

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