How can you fight overpopulation?

However, if it could be shown that the world is overpopulated, what would solutions look like?
Would they be as grim as Zobrist’s solution or are there effective and more positive alternatives?

The short answer is: YES! Although there have been renowned scholars who have suggested approaches similar to Zobrist’s, there are other ways to tackle the problem, which have proven to work. When comparing developed and developing countries one can see that developed countries are growing a lot less than developing one’s, in some cases even declining in population size. This is largely due to the role of women and their liberties in society. Women in developing countries often find themselves in patriarchal structures. They are often expected to have many children and not pursuit an education and/or career. Moreover, parents also have kids to secure their own future. And obviously the more children you have, the better. And the high infant and child mortality rates only lead to women bearing even more children, just so that enough will survive. Thus, access to health care and sanitaries is also a crucial factor.

As you can see, there exist alternative and supposedly even more sustainable solutions to counter population growth.

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