About The Course

In a gracious, entertaining and informative visit, Dan Brown and his editor, Jason Kaufmann, video conferenced at the last class on December 7, 2017. The give and take was a perfect ending to an engaging first semester at Middlebury.

Before you read further you might want to watch the new ORIGINal film version made by students in the course. Spoiler: if you intend to read the novel, you might want to wait before viewing.

Student Papers

Students worked on specific themes found in Origin and reflected in the previous novels in the Robert Langdon series.

Andreya, Architecture

Jillian, Art

Muskan, Word games

Myrto, Heroines

Erin, Puzzles

Finn, Secrets and Structures

Lauren, Robert Langdon

Maja, Organizations

Jess, Geography

Deen, Spirituality

Ezra, Villians

Musab, Fact and Fiction

Olivia, Themes

Thomas, History

Jacynda, Science




FYSE1286: Keys to Dan Brown’s Origin





The Keys to Dan Brown’s /Origin/
In this project-oriented seminar we will seek to distinguish fact from fiction in Dan Brown’s novel, Origin (September 2017), in the context of his previous novels: Angels&Demons, The DaVinci Code, The Lost Symbol, and Inferno. We will explore in greater depth the art, codes, symbols, and secret geography of Amsterdam. We will create and publish electronically a 21st century illustrated annotated guide to the novel using the latest in new technologies, wikis, Google mapping, graphics, and video. 3 hrs. sem.
First Year Seminar
First-Year Seminar Program
Requirements Fulfilled: