Depositing OA Papers @ Midd

In order to deposit papers for Middlebury’s institutional repository of Open Access publications, faculty should complete the brief form at:

For the submission to be successful, files must be less than 50 MB. In order to submit files larger than 50MB, or if you encounter other problems during the submission process, please contact

The following information is required to complete the submission process:

  • Submitter name
  • Author name(s)
  • Authors’ primary departments(s) or affiliation(s)
  • Article title
  • Journal title
  • Date

Even if you have obtained a waiver, we encourage you to submit your articles to the repository.  If you’ve obtained a waiver, your submitted article will not be accessible to the public. However, metadata related to articles in the repository may still be shared with, and indexed by, outside tools such as Google Scholar, providing increased visibility to faculty work.  It will also serve as an archive for your articles.

If you choose to submit an article for which you have obtained a waiver, please indicate that you have requested a waiver in the submission form’s “note” field.