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Hello, everyone. My guest bloggers this week are SGA President Rachel Liddell ’14, Assistant Director of Student Activities Jennifer Herrera, and Student Activities Programs and Events Manager Dave Kloepfer, writing about the social scene on campus. We look forward to hearing your comments and ideas!
—Shirley M. Collado

Welcome back! This last week, the new academic year kicked off in a major way with events like the First Chance dance party in the Bunker, Pub Night in Crossroads with WRMC, the DMC and WOC welcome-back BBQ, and McCullough Fest. Plus, Crossroads presented our palates with some pleasant surprises, such as creative, tasty smoothies and milkshakes and fresh-made sushi. When the Student Activities Fair was rained out last Thursday, McCullough became a hot spot for hanging out and reconnecting. For the first time in a while, it looked and felt alive with students—as it should be. Every seat, table, and booth was filled.

McCullough is the student center, your hub for anything, from checking your mail, to munching on a delicious snack like a “Dr. Feelgood” or a tempura shrimp roll, to studying, and even dancing the night away at Café con Leche Latin dance party. These are some of the amazing events at McCullough. Plus, they represent a fraction of McCullough’s potential. The possibilities are endless. And this is where you come in; it just takes your ideas and initiative to realize them.

We want students who are willing to “roll up their sleeves” to make things happen to come forward with ideas. We’re eager to hear what you have to say and want to do.

  • What ideas do you have for making McCullough a more attractive, cool, and fun (less institutional) space?
  • What kind of events and live music do you want to see here in Crossroads?
  • Do you want to be involved with enhancing the social scene? Tell us how.
  • Let us know what ideas you may have for improving outreach and communications about the rich activities already available, and those to come.

Feel free to contact Rachel at sga@middlebury.edu, Jennifer and Dave at student_activities@middlebury.edu, or leave comments here on this blog. We welcome ideas for new programs or events or anything else related to social-life programming that you’re burning to tell someone about.


17 Responses to “Seeking Fresh Voices, Ideas, and Task Masters”

  1. Marilyn Brereton says:

    I was saddened to see the student desecrating a 911 memorial. Do the faculty and students think this was proper or respectful? Three thousand people died horrible deaths that day and we should not
    Dishonor their memory.

  2. Cailey says:

    I’m glad the administration is interested in improving McCullough! Thanks for reaching out to students for our feedback. I’ve heard from alumni that in the early 00’s, McCullough used to be packed on weekend nights when student bands performed. I’d love to see a revival in the music scene on campus, and re-establishing McCullough as a cool venue could be a great first step.

    A structural suggestion– how about putting in some WINDOWS? The absence of natural light gives me that weird feeling I only otherwise associate with wandering aimlessly in the mall or staying in my pajamas for days at a time. Letting the light in could go a long way towards making it a comfortable place for studying and hanging out.

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    Will definitely get in touch and leave some feedback, cheers!

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