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Summer is nearly here. More time to plan. Maybe even time for a good novel—or two.

I hope all the members of this community are able to change the pace of their lives a little this summer and enjoy simple moments and new experiences.

I would like to thank the guests who took the time to write posts this year. The posts were insightful, creative, thought provoking, and sometimes a little feisty. They elicited a lot of discussion—although often in places other than on the comments section of the blog. Midway through the year, the portal was introduced and the method by which we publicized new blog entries changed (no more all-student e-mail). This impacted how people interacted with the blog. Nevertheless, the guest entries were all well read and added much to our campus dialogue.

  • Janet Rodrigues ’12 wrote about a really difficult day in her life.
  • Sayre Weir ’15 talked about her participation in a student-life panel at the trustee retreat.
  • Tara Affolter, visiting assistant professor of education studies, and Hector Vila, assistant professor of writing, shared their philosophy about advising students.
  • Manuel Carballo, director of admissions, described what it was like to return to Middlebury after an absence and the type of diverse, welcoming community he envisions.
  • Stanis Moody-Roberts ’11, Commons RA, dedicated his post to MiddKids who feel as if they don’t fit in.
  • Rob LaMoy ’12 wrote about his views of the campus drinking culture.
  • Ellen McKay, administrative program coordinator in the Chaplain’s Office, plumbed the intricacies of spirituality and how it relates to a liberal arts education.
  • Taylor Shepard ’12 discussed the new portal and communicating in this digital age.
  • Kemi Fuentes-George, assistant professor of political science, shared a personal story about identity.
  • And finally, Vincent Recca ’12 left us with nuggets of wisdom gleaned during his tenure as SGA president.

A theme of honesty and integrity runs through all of these, and it reflects the qualities we as a community continually strive to achieve. While we may not be perfect, we are always working to become better.

Finally, I would like to wish the graduating seniors well as they move on to life beyond Middlebury.  You will always be part of this place, and I hope you will return often. And please, keep in touch, even when you can’t be here in person.

Have a wonderful, warm, and fun summer.

3 Responses to “Thank you, guest bloggers, and happy summer everyone!”

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