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I’m pleased that Vincent Recca was able to take time during this hectic end of the semester to be my guest blogger today. I’ve come to know Vin well in his role as SGA president and in his work on Community Council and other campus initiatives. Not only is he a talented problem solver, able to find solutions to complex issues, he’s also great collaborator. Today, Vin shares what he’s learned during his tenure on the SGA.  —Shirley M. Collado

5. Old Chapel is not the enemy.  Ultimately, Old Chapel and the students both want the same thing: the best Middlebury experience for all students. Oftentimes, in dealing with certain issues, that is forgotten. Try and understand the position of Old Chapel. Work with them, not against them.

4. Students are supreme.  The student body is the largest constituent group at Middlebury. We are the reason the College exists. We are responsible, intelligent, human beings and are capable of governing ourselves. Students need to have a greater say in the affairs of the College at all levels.

3. The SGA can do better.  While we made significant progress this year in increasing the role SGA plays, we can and must do better. Students should feel that SGA is not only a government but also a union devoted to protecting and advancing their interests.

2. We need real Community.  While we talk a great deal about “Community,” more can be done to have a real one. Actual relationships need to be formed between members of various groups. Professors should be encouraged to have their students over for dinner more often. Students should really know the staff members that they meet on a personal basis. By strengthening community ties like these, real Community can be built. Furthermore, service to the Middlebury College community (for example, in SGA or in ResLife) needs to be encouraged.

1. Middlebury isn’t perfect (but it can be).  Each of us has different ideas on what Middlebury is and how to make it better. I have seen students who, for a variety of reasons, get disappointed in Middlebury and turn against the College. These experiences, rather than an excuse for a  “breakup,” should empower people to fight harder to make Middlebury the place they want it to be. As members of this community, it is our responsibility to make Middlebury the absolute best college it can be. We owe that to ourselves, to each other, and to future generations of MiddKids.

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