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On Leave

Yes, as the title indicates, I am on leave this spring term and therefore will not be posting to this blog as regularly as I have in the past—at least not for the next six months.  In fact, I was so focused on completing this or that administrative task during the last month that I had little to bring to this space.   I guess I left early.

By the way, a “leave” is pretty much the same thing as a “sabbatical,” though I am told that at some point Middlebury decided not to use that second term since doing so might imply that faculty were taking a break from work, as in resting on the sabbath.

So let it be known that I am not taking a break, that I am not a slacker, and that I will be spending my time away from campus engaged in meaningful work, namely a book project.   More on the last when I return to One Dean’s View . . . .

7 Responses to “On Leave”

  1. Cole Moore Odell says:

    I hope you’re working on a bodice-ripping romance novel. About a drummer in 1890s Chicago.

  2. James says:

    Potato, potato… tomato, tomato… sabbatical, leave… ha!

  3. Anonymous says:

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