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In the Bedroom

I am kind of surprised that neither The Campus nor MiddBlog has commented on this story, but I think it’s worth a mention and it beats the heck out of reflecting (some more) on the CORE survey results.

The story concerns a new policy, now in place at Tufts, that “prohibits any sex act in a dorm room while one’s roommate is present.”  That’s a quotation from a story in The Tufts Daily, but other college newspapers have weighed in as well.  The Harvard Crimson condemned the policy earlier this week, and the Swarthmore Phoenix likewise expressed reservations. The policy has also prompted stories in US News and World Report and The New York Times.

Which leads me to wonder what Middlebury students make of this policy and whether they believe it would be a welcome addition to our campus.  Needless to say, comments are welcome.

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  1. Midd Parent says:

    I think the policy underscores the lack of communication between roommates at Tufts. Certainly one should have, as a matter of character, a personal tipping point on when and where they will have sex, but I am not sure what having such a mandate in place, punishable by the administration, says about the sense of community at Tufts.

    I am certainly not so naive to think that this isn’t happening on Middlebury’s campus (because this wasn’t new news even back in 1979), but I’d like to think the willingness to speak up about offensive behavior between roommates – regardless of the problem at hand – is still alive and well in this world. I’d also like to think there is enough mutual respect that the chain of command can effectively deal with those few individuals who care so little for anyone but themselves. Seriously, how bad of a problem must it be to have a formal policy come into being? This is not reflective of a society evolving to be its finest, this is certain.

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