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College Brand

As we all know but sometimes hate to admit, colleges and universities must market themselves to prospective students in order to fill classes and educate the public about their mission.  Even the most selective institutions do this, and it’s not easy.  For how can an advertisement, viewbook, or video capture the essence of a college, or represent the identities of the students who go there?

But click on the link below, and check out the video that MIT produced.  It’s pretty remarkable, as both a marketing tool and portrait of the passions and aspiration that bring some students to college.   Thanks to Xander Manshel for sharing this with me.

Here it is: The Human Factor.

As always, comments welcome.

6 Responses to “College Brand”

  1. Ryan Kellett says:

    MIT does a good job with the Human Factor. Why? Because they tell stories. It’s a little too overproduced of a video for my tastes but what I like most about it is that it feels authentic. The most telling part of the video is when the students highlighted express how they’ve failed — experiments, homework, projects, etc. That’s just as important to show as the successes. At Middlebury, we strive to be the perfect Middkid, neglecting to realize how we grapple with real problems and sometimes fail.

  2. Keith says:

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