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Monthly Archive for March, 2009

Rumblings have reached the spires of Old Chapel that a secret sorority is afoot on campus.  Administrators have received anonymous tips from students, identifying the women associated with the sorority, and expressing unease with the group’s exclusive ways.  The sorority is reportedly called the Phoenix, named, apparently, for the mythological bird that rises from a […]

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Deconstructing Jocks

There was an interesting piece in Insider Higher Ed last month describing research on why athletes at liberal arts colleges sometimes underperform in the classroom.  Since the publication of William G. Bowen and James L. Shulman’s 2001 influential study, The Game of Life: College Sports and Educational Values, educators have debated the proper role of […]

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Digital Heaven

I was in the midst of transferring my blog from its old home on WordPress to this new space on the Middlebury website when I start messing around with this post, which highlights a gadget I recently purchased (more on that in a moment) but also speaks more generally to the pleasures of digital convergence.  […]

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