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The B. O. C.

By now, everybody in the Middlebury community should know that the College is feeling the effects of the current recession, and is working to overcome a significant budget deficit that will grow even larger should the markets continue their downward spiral. If this is news to you, or if you have questions about whether Middlebury’s finances are tied to the world economy, then you should check out the information posted on the College website.

Although budget-cutting may not be of prime interest to students—the prospect does sound drearily bureaucratic—these are unusual times, and it’s worth paying attention since the reductions may affect how the College functions.

The group tasked with recommending budget cuts is the Budget Oversight Committee. Chaired by VP/CFO, Patrick Norton, and comprised of faculty, staff, and students, the B. O.C. will review suggestions made by anyone in the College community, and then send their recommendations on to President Liebowitz for consideration and adoption. There is even an online suggestion box for people to submit ideas for reducing the budget.

Between now and the end of Winter Term, the B. O. C. will be discussing a variety of cost reductions, related to compensation, financial aid, and campus programs. Everything is on the table, and no significant idea will be ignored. So think about how the College might save money, and forward your ideas to the committee through the suggestion box. Or contact one of us with your recommendations. Our names are below:

  • Patrick Norton, CFO/VP
  • Tim Spears, Acting Provost
  • Patti McCaffrey, Assistant Banquet Chef, Dining Services
  • Carol Peddie, Associate Dean of LIS
  • Peter Matthews, Economics Dept
  • Paul Monod, History Dept
  • Bobby Joe Smith ’08
  • Caroline Woodworth ’09
  • Dave Donahue, Special Assistant to the President
  • Derek Hammel, Director of Investments
  • Kristen Anderson, Assistant VP for Budget and Financial Planning

Addendum: the B. O. C. intends to update the campus community on its work to date before the exam period ends and the holiday break begins. That update will take the form of an email, so stay tuned.

17 Responses to “The B. O. C.”

  1. Michael says:

    Thank you for posting the names and contacts of the B.O.C. members. I have been looking elsewhere for them and this is the first list I have seen. Perhaps, for both the sake of transparency and increased feedback these names might be published along with the financial information on the College’s web pages.

    I am also interested in regular informational updates as too just what issues/items are being addressed/researched by the B.O.C. If the B.O.C. and the President’s Staff publically let the campus know specifically which items are a part of the banquet buffet being offered up for the College to swallow, I (and perhaps others) would be more inclined to participate in dialogue and suggestions. As it stands now, “everything on the table” is too broad to peak my appetite for fear I’ll only find vegetarian options and no meat.

    Lastly, while great effort has been made to increase awareness regarding the impact of the economy upon Middlebury College, I am left with the feeling that the suggestions and possible solutions are falling into a black hole. By making the continued discussions transparent, I believe the community will be more understanding and ultimately supportive of the final decisions.

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