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Given my earlier posting on plans to establish a social venue downtown in the space formerly occupied by Eat Good Food, I figure it’s time for an update.

First of all, I admit that as much as I have enjoyed working on this project, I did not fully appreciate the amount of time it takes to get an enterprise like this up and running. To get it all right—program, staffing, and physical space—is not an overnight job, especially when amateurs such as myself are involved (albeit very enthusiastically). Anyway, this is where we are:

We intend to open by the end of April, and hope to hold at least one open house in advance of our official opening. When we do open, we will open as a bar-lounge operating on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. As we get established, we will roll out the other parts of the programs—town/gown collaboration on weekday afternoons, and chocolate bar functions in the morning.

We have been working with a designer to decorate and furnish the space with bistro tables toward the front, and soft seating in back. We’ve also ordered some heavy drapes (burgundy, in a kind of Henry the VIII style) for the windows, and several very cool light fixtures (large globes) that will hang from the ceiling. Imagine a large living room and you get the concept.

We’ve also posted ads to hire staff. If you are interested in a job—and it would be great to staff the place with students—you can follow up on the Human Resources web site.

We will soon be convening our program committee to plan for the opening. If you’d like to get involved, please drop me a line.

With regard to the name of the place . . . I did say we would award a prize to the person who came up with the best name for the venue. And, after much serious cogitation, well, I think we should stick with 51 Main. So whoever suggested that name in his/her February comments, please get in touch with me. I owe you some chocolate.

And did I say 51 Main will be groovy and sexy? Oh yeah, baby. Even the CAMPUS thinks so.

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