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Earlier this year I wrote about how students organizations could raise funds by connecting with their alumni base (see “Pumping Up the Volume on Student Orgs” below) and soliciting donations. Well, I am happy to say that the sailing club is now moving forward with their “Rock the Boat” campaign and, as the CAMPUS reports in its 2/21 issue (“Sailing Charts New Fundraising Course”), it has already raised close to $30K. But the story doesn’t end here. As Sailing Club Commondore Chandler Koglmeier ’09 noted in a recent email, the club’s efforts have been picked up by the Chronicle of Higher Education in a online post, entitled “All Hands on Deck at Middlebury College.” Chandler sees all this as a great example of how online/offline communication can work together—in this case to strengthen student life on campus.

So if I can be permitted yet another nautical metaphor (or two) . . . I’d like to encourage other student orgs to trim their sails, find their sea legs, and prepare to come about—and follow the sailing club’s example.

Needless to say, I am not a sailor.

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