Photos from Ceramics Club

The Ceramics club was busy last week doing two high heat firings in the Old Stone Mill Annex. Many of the bowls were sold at the chili festival in town to raise money for local charities. The Ceramics club has open hours everyday. Head down to the annex to learn more!


If you have an idea, inspiration and/or energy for a non-academic independent project but don’t know where to start, apply to be a tenant at the Old Stone Mill.

Your peers use their space at OSM to dance, play music, paint, throw pottery, write poetry, workshop sketch comedy, start businesses… and much more. All that it takes is an idea and energy.

Apply to be a tenant today. The rewards are right around the corner.

Applications are due by 5 pm on Friday the 11th. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or any of our personal accounts.

Hope to hear from you soon,

OSM Board

Annie Makela
Kyle Hunter
Hilary Platt
Tyler Gibson
Elori Kramer
Andrew Powers

J-Term Space!!!

Think you’ll have some extra time to work on a creative project over J-Term?? Apply to be a tenant at the Old Stone Mill! We’re looking for any sort of creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, not-for-credit project.

The application is posted here. Fill it out, send it in and you’ll hear back from us!



the OSM Board

p.s. be on the look out for an e-mail about applying to serve as an OSM board member

Tenant of the Week

Hello all!

Sorry for the silence over the past few weeks as things have been pretty hectic getting everything organized for all the OSM has planned for this year, but in case you missed it, here are the past two tenants of the week, and what great tenants they are!

Tenant of the Week 9/27

Macky Franklin ’11

In a project that he started this past summer at the Old Stone Mill, Macky will continue to work on, an online social cycling network that he is coding from scratch. Keep up the good work!

Tenant of the week 10/4:

Ian Thomas ‘13.5

A new tenant this fall, Ian will continue his work designing, programming and publishing iPhone and iPad applications. Great to see this kind of cutting edge innovation happening at the Old Stone Mill!

Who’s this week’s tenant of the week? Stay tuned, kids.

Calling All Students with Ideas and Energy

We want YOU to apply to be on the Old Stone Mill Board !


The Student Board has three openings for students to serve a two-semester term beginning in May of 2010 and ending in May of 2011. I invite you to submit an application for one of those three spots.

Members of the Old Stone Mill Student Advisory Board have three key responsibilities: (1) engaging the student body as a whole to help identify and encourage tenant applications; (2) coordinating the use and management of the OSM and OSM Annex to best serve the creative objectives of the tenants; and (3) fostering a student culture that appreciates the challenges of supporting innovation on campus.

Please e-mail a one-page application to Elizabeth Robinson, Director of the Project on Creativity and Innovation in the Liberal Arts, by May 7, 2010

Please provide some background on yourself, including what you would bring to the OSM Student Advisory Board, why participation on the Board would be a meaningful use of your skills and talents, and what you would hope to learn from the experience. You must be on campus for both semesters.