Faculty research highlights at Middlebury College.


Student research highlights at Middlebury College.


The Co-Eveolution of Post-Merger Galaxies and Dust-Reddened Quasars
Milena Crnogorcevic, ’17, 2016 Autumn


Finding the Density of Red Quasars with Various Magnitudes
Cole Hilscher, ’17, 2016 Autumn


Zero Point Calibration of the Telescope’s Camera
Kevin Conroy, ’16, 2016 Spring


Modeling of AGN Column Density
Rob Bracken, ‘15.5, 2015 Autumn


Prediction of Optical Obscuration in Active Galactic Nuclei Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Alec Drobac, ’16, 2015 Autumn


X-Ray Analysis of Four Low-Redshift QSOs
Larson Lovdal, ‘16.5, & Carol Hundal, Wellesley, ’18, KNAC/NSF/REU, 2015 Summer


New Selection Criteria for Dust-Reddened Quasars
Milena Crnogorcevic, ’17, & Henry Daniels-Koch, Bowdoin ’17, KNAC/NSF/REU, 2015 Summer


Spectral Energy Distributions and Eddington Ratios of Red Quasars
Adela Habib, ’15, 2015 Spring


Studies of the Energy Generating Mechanisms in Redshift 4 Quasars
Jack Hunsicker, ’15, 2014 Autumn


Red Quasars, Black Hole Masses, and Accretion Rates
Adela Habib, ’15, 2014 Summer


Properties of Radio-Faint Quasars: Loudness and Reddening
Kathryn Kooistra, Muhlenberg ’15, KNAC/NSF/REU, 2014 Summer


Using Integral-Field Spectroscopy of Dust Obscured Quasars to Probe Quasar/Galaxy Co-Evolution
Maya Najarian, ’14, 2014 Spring


Identifying Red Quasar Host Galaxy Morphologies
Madeline Mailly, ’14, 2014 Spring


Staff research highlights at Middlebury College.


RW Triangulum, MCO 0.6m, 2015 November 9/10 (J. Kemp)


FO Aquarii, MCO 0.6m, 2015 November 4/5 (J. Kemp)


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