Mary Hogan Zoom Cooking

The October Harvest of the Month was kale! To celebrate, NOM ran a virtual cooking session with Mary Hogan elementary school to cook kale quinoa salad. Our volunteers helped lead 13 families in prepping the meal and got to enjoy the final product! A successful session all around.

Mary Hogan Gardening

What’s better than teaching elementary school children about the benefits of healthy food? Growing it ourselves!

In early October, NOM volunteers partnered with GlobeMed to finish harvesting the vegetables planted last spring, and put the gardens to sleep for the winter. We collected the last of the tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, beans, carrots and cabbage and delivered them to the dining hall to be prepped for the children’s meals.

To put the gardens to bed, we uprooted the rest of the harvested produce, churned up the soil, sprinkled fertilizer and planted cover crops. With water and hay, the beds are now prepped for the coming winter months until we can plant again in the spring!

Gardeners churning up the beds!
The harvest!
Our stellar gardening crew