Taste Test this Friday 4/15 at Mary Hogan!

We are looking for volunteers for a taste test with local, in-season produce this Friday, April 19th at Mary Hogan Elementary. We will be serving a recipe using this month’s VT Harvest of the Month: CARROTS!

At Mary Hogan, there will be four shifts: one prep shift from 10.45-11.30am, and three serving shifts from 11.30am-12pm, 12-12.30pm, and 12.30-1pm. Please fill out this Google form by Thursday at 5pm if you would like to volunteer for any or all of these shifts! 

Before the taste test, feel free to browse through the Vermont Harvest of the Month Curriculum to learn a little bit more about carrots and VTHOM initiatives.

If you are curious about what NOM does, want to check out other upcoming volunteer events, or have any questions about taste tests, please visit our website at go/nomemail us at nom@middlebury.edu, or contact Caroline Arthaud at carthaud@middlebury.edu. 

Also, if you are interested, please join our new GroupMe through this link

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