NOM at the Spring 2017 Student Activities Fair

On Friday, students gathered in McCullough for the Spring 2017 Student Activities Fair. Pictured are NOM board member Chelsea Colby ‘17.5 and Caroline Wolfe ’19.

Prospective volunteers tasted kale chips! We shared with the interested students about our October taste test at Mary Hogan and how much the students loved the kale chips. Even many of the college students had never tried kale or never tried it in this form!

Role of Education in Service

Stop being so empathetic seems counterintuitive. Yet, empathy can become an overwhelming emotion that allows for laser focus on an individual rather than the entire issue. Therefore, it is suggested that instead of just empathy “consider the cold hard facts along with compassion or what Buddhists call, ‘loving kindness.’  These emotions are less intensely focused, so they can be more widely and thoughtfully applied.”

To combat the empathy block one professor required students “to visit and learn about the mentees’ schools, homes, and neighborhoods and to dig up statistics about the scope of a broader societal issue affecting the child”.

As we work with community partners through we strive, and will continue to work towards improvements, to educate volunteers to better understand the issues of hunger and food insecurity in Addison County so we can more holistically engage in food education.

Have suggested readings, podcasts, videos or something you think we really need to know about food in Addison County? Send it to


In January the Vermont Harvest of the Month was parsnips!

“Parsnips are a member of the carrot family, which comes as no surprise when you look at the resemblance in size and shape. Our northern climate in Vermont is great for producing parsnips! Here, they can grow to the size of large carrots and are enjoyed for their nutty, slightly sweet and spicy flavor.” To learn more about parsnips check out the Vermont Harvest of the Month website:–parsnips.html

What parsnip recipes did you try this month?