Want to see what former NOM President Rachel was up to while she was abroad?

Check out former NOM president Rachel’s blog from her time abroad! It includes many photographs of delicious food from Peru.

Click here to see more: http://mmmaracuya.blogspot.com/?view=classic

Below is just one excerpt from Rachel’s blog: “Ceviche! Pretty much Peru’s national dish. Fish “cooked” in lime juice with peppers, cilantro and onion. On the side there’s always sweet potato and corn. It’s almost perfect, in my opinion. Healthy, delicious, balanced between spicy (ceviche), sweet (sweet potato) and netural (corn).”


Election Results for Fall 2016

Next year we will have a great new group of students leading the child nutrition education program here at Middlebury College.

President – Chelsea Colby

Vice President – Emily Fields

Treasurer – Caroline Wolfe

Publicity – Katelyn Reuther

Volunteer Events Coordinator – Karen Lee

We are looking forward to another year filled with great partnerships! Interested in getting involved or have any suggestions? Contact us at nom@middlebury.edu

Looking back on NOM 2015-2016

NOM is so grateful to this year’s board for their hard work and dedication! This year we volunteered with many community partners including Addison Central Teens, Mary Johnson Childcare Center, the Bridge School and Mary Hogan Elementary School. We also collaborated with other campus organizations including Sister-to-Sister, Community Friends, Dance Marathon and Relay for Life. All of this great work would not have been possible without your help!