Fall 2014 Elections

NOM Leadership Elections


Fall 2014



  • Maintain nom.midd@gmail.com account
  • Send weekly email to all NOM members
  • Communicate with SCB
  • Assist Volunteer Chairs
  • Attend Service Cluster Board meetings
  • Attend NOM board meetings
  • Guide/plan Tuesday meetings



  • Inform members how to buy supplies with NOM budget
  • — Collect all receipts
  • Turn in receipts every other week and update the ledger
  • — Post budget information to the NOM middfiles
  • Assist Volunteer Chairs
  • Attend Service Cluster Board meetings
  • Attend NOM board meetings
  • Report at Tuesday meetings


Mary Hogan Elementary School Volunteer Chair

  • Email/communicate with the teachers at Mary Hogan Elementary to coordinate
  • Coordinate the use of the Farm to School curriculum (from the Farm to School website)
  • — Lead trainings with the curriculum for volunteers during weekly meetings
  • — President will assist with leading trainings during meetings
  • Coordinate weekly volunteering
  • — Make a volunteering schedule each week
  • — Send reminder weekly reminder emails to the Mary Hogan volunteer list
  • — Confirm volunteers for each shift
  • — Make sure there are enough people going
  • — Coordinate volunteer’s preparation and gathering of materials and food
  • Attend NOM board meetings
  • Report at Tuesday meetings




  • Take meeting notes
  • — Count members present at each meeting for service hours
  • — Collect volunteer service hours from members every month and send to the Service Cluster Board
  • Assist the President in writing the weekly email
  • Assist with checking of nom.midd@gmail.com
  • Attending NOM board meetings
  • — Compose an agenda for Tuesday meetings with the President
  • Report at Tuesday meetings
  • Post meeting notes to the NOM middfiles


Publicity Chair

  • Coordinate posters for events and meetings
  • — Determine when posters would be helpful or necessary to forward volunteer initiatives or — increase participation
  • — Collect information (date, time, place, contact info) for posters
  • — Either make posters or give specific information to a member interested in making a poster
  • — Coordinate putting up posters
  • — Ensure that NOM obeys guidelines for poster placement around campus
  • Rooms for events and weekly meetings
  • — Email Tammy Grant if we decide to change our meeting time or day
  • — Book rooms for any other scheduled NOM events by checking availability on 25 live and using the link on the go/events    page
  • Events email
  • — Submit form at go/events if we decide to update the blurb in the weekly events email
  • Community Engagement email
  • — Email Dan Murphy weekly with NOM volunteering opportunities to be included in the community engagement email
  • Attend NOM board meetings
  • Recruit people to design/put up posters with you at Tuesday meetings



Unassigned roles

  • Website
  • — Update events
  • — Post photos of volunteering events
  • — Collect photos of volunteer events from members
  • — Current administrators: Cassidy and Rachel
  • Teen Center Liaison
  • — Coordinate volunteer initiatives




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