Volunteering with HOPE (Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects)

Rachel and Cassidy volunteered with Gretchen Cottel and the Just Soup project for a few hours in January. In one evening, the Just Soup project had a total of 13 volunteers processing: winter squash (Golden Russet Farm), parsnips (Elmer Farm), onions (Gildrien Farm), potatoes (Lewis Creek Farm); milk, carrots, celery, lemons, and garlic (donated from the MNFC); broth, bacon, and olive oil  at the Glass Onion kitchen in the Patricia Hannaford Career Center. After 7 hours of processing, roasting, cooking, cooling, packaging, and cleaning Gretchen had prepared 28 gallons or 112 quarts of soup!


IMG_2270  IMG_2272  IMG_2268  IMG_2283