How to apply:

Apply through Handshake by 5pm Monday, November 8th:

You will need to upload a résumé and cover letter. In your 1-page cover letter, explain why you think you would be a good intern. If you do not have teaching experience (not required), think of activities or experiences you have had that have transferable skills. You will also need to supply reference materials related to the teaching of English as a Second Language and/or information about education in Costa Rica.

Selection will occur the week of November 8th and all paperwork will need to be completed by November 15th.

More Information for those who are selected:

  • Upon selection, you will have some paperwork to complete for CCI. Put Miguel Fernández down as both your faculty academic sponsor and you internship sponsor (these are usually not the same person, but this has been cleared by CCI)
  • There is no Financial Aid for this program, however, CCI offers grants of up to $1500 for unpaid internships for students with financial need.
  • CCE offers cross-cultural engagement grants that may support this work. Apply here:
  • Information about travel to Costa Rica during COVID:
    • Note that you need to complete a HEALTH PASS and receive a QR code.
  • CDC information about Costa Rica:
    • Note that the CDC has Costa Rica as a Level-4 country. The Guanacaste region, where Nosara is located, has had a low infection rate of COVID and is quite safe. Our Global Operations Committee approved our International Activity application for this program after reviewing the U.S. State Department’s travel advisory recommendations.
  • I highly encourage all the interns to coordinate and try to arrange flights that will land in Liberia within a couple of hours of each other so you can share transportation to Nosara.
  • You do not need a visa to travel to Costa Rica but you need to make sure you have the necessary travel documents to enter the country and re-enter the U.S. International students may contact International Student & Scholar Services for guidance, by emailing 
  • In order to receive academic credit, you will need to keep a journal of your experience. This will be handed in or sent to Miguel Fernández ( immediately upon completion of the internship. The journal may be a physical notebook or done electronically. You should have at least three entries per week and should discuss, in addition to your experiences, your development as a teacher and views on education.
  • All Middlebury-sponsored international travel must be registered in Middlebury’s Travel Registration system. Please complete the form here:
  • Information about travel back to the U.S. regarding COVID: