Spend Winter Term in Costa Rica Teaching English

Information meeting Wednesday,

October 12, 8:00-8:45

Missed the info session? We recorded it. Check out this link and contact Miguel Fernandez if you have any questions after watching the session :
Passcode: cXNk7J*L

The Biblioteca David Kitson in Nosara is a foundation that, during Costa Rica’s summer break, serves as a place where children and adults receive ESL, ESOL instructions. Middlebury students have taken part in this program during Winter Term (4 weeks in January) since 1998. We normally send four interns every January.

Goals and teaching methods for English in this setting are different from the way foreign languages are taught in the US. We are not teaching reading and writing skills, nor are we after an in-depth understanding of the grammar and structure of English. Our job is to help the local students to communicate with English speakers at whatever level they can reach. Many of the students will have taken English the January before and so have a little knowledge but are extremely hesitant to speak. That is our goal…to get them to say/speak whatever they know. Our adult learners are interested in learning English to gain greater opportunities in Nosara’s principal economy, the tourism industry.

Teaching experience is not necessary. You will go through an orientation and some teacher training upon arrival.

It is not necessary to speak Spanish, but it is preferred to have completion of Spanish 220 or higher. This is helpful in their relations with people outside of class but to teach, no Spanish is used in class. It’s not only possible, but preferable to use only English in teaching English.

Each person will have 2 classes a day for 4-5 days a week; one class of elementary or high school students in the morning and in the evening high school age and adults. You will also be asked to help in the library for an hour a week, reshelving or helping in other ways.

The local students are organized by ability and classes are relatively small, normally less than 15. Students are very eager and in general very well behaved. It is important to stick to the book and not invent your own methodology for teaching English.

Interns will need to arrive in Nosara on January 2nd, 2022. Last day of classes will be Thursday, January 26.

Check out a recent podcast with our contact, Beverly Kitson, and new English Program Coordinator Renee Ratliff at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FtusVU_Mqo

Apply on Handshake: https://middlebury.joinhandshake.com/jobs/6939222/share_preview

For more information, contact Prof. Miguel Fern├índez at fernande@middlebury.edu 

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