From former conference attendees:

“I got to meet people with an understanding of my passion and with great feedback for my work. I plan to keep in touch with all of the people in my workshop.”

“Perfect place to become aware of yourself as a writer and an artist.”

“An amazing weekend filled with laughter, pens, and friends.”

“I made close friends almost immediately. I loved having a space to write and enjoy being around people who also loved to write.”

“A lesson in empathy and self-discovery, joy nestled amidst the mountains.”

“I am never going to be the same as a writer or a person. THANK YOU.”

“It’s a must-go-to if you are interested in any form of writing: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, even song-writing!”

“Like being in writers’ heaven!”

“It truly was the best weekend of my life.”

“You should totally do it. Totally.”

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