Letter from the Director

stripes%20for%20osuEach May since 1983, promising high school students and their teachers have gathered together with distinguished writers on the Bread Loaf campus of Middlebury College to spend a long weekend of wild creativity, literary discovery, and collaboration with each other and with language. Those who attend the New England Young Writers’ Conference leave with new poems, stories and essays in their notebooks or computers—but they also leave with new ideas, new friendships, and the unforgettable experience of having been part of a community that values and supports their talents and passions.

I am proud to be the Conference’s new director as of 2014. In my five years of teaching at NEYWC and serving as a member of its coordinating committee, I have seen the way students and writers alike are changed and deepened, in their writing and in their lives, by their days at the Conference. We get what we come for—the small workshops, one-on-one conferences, craft classes, and wonderful readings—but the real growth often happens in the ways we surprise ourselves through what we’re able to perceive and express when we feel inspired and supported by the presence of other writers. I’m honored to have been a part of that, and in my new role I look forward to sustaining and building on the Conference’s many strengths and successes. I hope to see you on the mountain!

Karin Gottshall, Director
New England Young Writers’ Conference
Bread Loaf Campus, Middlebury College, Vermont

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