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All NESCAC schools share a similar philosophy in that they are committed to showing the role of sport in higher education. Middlebury College is committed, first and foremost to academic excellence, followed by athletics. In this league, athletics are to be put on a proportional scale with the schools academic missions and standards. Middlebury does not award athletic scholarships, instead all athletes are truly considered “student-athletes.” Aspects such as season length, number of contests, and post season play are more restrictive in the NESCAC then any other league in Division III. This idea is to encourage student-athletes to be involved in a second sport or non-athletic activities.

In the NESCAC the schools promote and believe in many values, one being a commitment to diversity and gender equality, even within the whole of the institution. Members of the league also strive to adhere to the idea that athletic programs should be integrated into the broader life and fabric of the campus and into the athletes own personal toolbox of life skills.


Andrea Savage – NESCAC Executive Director


Mike Raposo – Assistant Director for Conference Operations


Jennifer Woytach – Championships and Media Relations Assistant


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NESCAC Executive Committee Membership Schedule


Click here for the listing of the current (2012-13) NESCAC Sports Committee: http://www.nescac.com/administration/sport_committee_liaisons

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