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Throughout the 1980s at Middlebury, talk of the NESCAC league evoked passionate responses from both Middlebury athletes and administrators.  Most of the controversies seemed to revolve around the NESCAC-defining limits on post-season play and NCAA bids. On the one hand, administrators defended the NESCAC restrictions, focusing on the league’s devotion to academics. On the other hand, athletes opposed the NESCAC restrictions, focusing on their devotion to the sport and advocating for the right to compete at their highest potential. These contradictory views enveloping the NESCAC league became topics of debate throughout all 11 schools in the league, not just Middlebury. Due to the highly publicized debates over the strict NESCAC rules, it is no surprise that the NESCAC changed their rules in 1993 to allow post-season NCAA tournament play.

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