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So before I started being forced to follow all of the blogs from this class, there was only one blog that I followed.  It is /Film, and it is a blog that has insider information on the film industry (and sometimes other things like TV, music videos, pop culture, etc.).  As someone who considers himself a film fanatic and likes to have info about current and upcoming projects a blog like this has been very addicting.  There are several blogs similar to this one (i.e. Film School Rejects, Cinematical, and others), but /Film has won a fair amount of awards for their blog and I just happen to like it the best.

The big thing that got me hooked on /Film is how they put new movie trailers on their site as soon as they are available.  Before I found the blog, I used to be a constant checker of the Apple Trailers page and a few others to see trailers of soon to be released films.  When I discovered /Film I was blown away with how many more trailers they would offer.  They have bloggers whose only job is to search the internet for trailers, whether they be international, leaked footage, or very indie films.  Instead of me going through several sites trying to find trailers (poorly I might add), the blog does it for me which was huge.

The blog also includes other features such as, breaking stories about future film castings, and which directors and writers are signing on to which projects.  They have regular blogs like “Geek Deal” which give links to sites where fans of films and TV shows can find good deals on DVD or collector item sales. They also have early screening reviews as well as fan reviews of films that come out.  This allows followers of the blog to post comments about films that they have seen and wish to review.  When big films such as Avatar or Transformers 2 have come out, the comments sections have turned into huge sections where fans argue why they did or did not like the movie (I have linked to those two “What did you think?” comment sections).  In general, the blog is there to give information and forums for discussion about news and thoughts that people who are film fanatics would be interested in.  In this sense, blogs like this have huge cultural impact because by choosing which films and stories to talk about they are definitely affecting what films and stories are considered “cool” or “relevant” in the film world.

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    One of my friends sent me this enjoyable article:

    and I ended up reading some more of the blog. I enjoy how ridiculously wide-ranging it is….news bulletins, trailers, reviews, interviews, bloggy features, etc……probably one of the more comprehensive film blogs I’ve seen.


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