Title Storyteller Location
Lunch With the F.B.I. Cookie Tager MA French ’66 Proctor Dining Hall
The Questionable Countess T. Tall ’65 Le Château
Hepburn Yellow T. Tall ’65 Hepburn Hall
The Boa Constrictor of Gifford T. Tall ’65 Gifford Hall
Jim Douglas and his First Coup d’état T. Tall ’65 McCullough Student Center
Rabbi Reichert meets the Dalai Lama John Elder, College Professor Emeritus Davis Family Library, Special Collections
Robert Frost’s Chair John Elder, College Professor Emeritus Davis Family Library, Special Collections
Playing Sardines Ryan Kellett ’09 Axinn Center at Starr Library
Fast Friends Pat Cronin ’86 Battell South
Sock Races Barbara Wilkinson ’12 McCardell Bicentennial Hall Great Hall
Reminder of Home Myrlene Pottinger, staff McCardell Bicentennial Hall Greenhouse
Entertainment from Above Roman Mardoyan-Smyth ’11 Bikeshop at Adirondack House
Spinning Aubrey Dube ’12 The Bunker at Freeman International Center
Outdoor Rooms Jordan Jones ’13 Mahaney Center for the Arts Patio
Blind Date Doug Perkins ’94, staff Dog Sculpture at Munroe Hall
Room with a View Savant Shrestha ’13 Gifford Hall
Solace Sarah Harris ’11 Mead Memorial Chapel
Break a Leg Tom Steinle ’84 Parton Health Center at Centeno House
After Hours Pieter Broucke, faculty Johnson Memorial Building
Cookie Break Mia Benjamin ’13 Davis Family Library
Frost Reads Hugh Marlow ’57, staff Mead Memorial Chapel
Water Polo Newbie Divya Dethier ’12 Natatorium in Peterson Family Athletics Complex
A Multitude of Stars Devin MacDonald ’13 McCardell Bicentennial Hall Observatory
All Day Meals Group of alums Proctor Dining Hall
Same Room! Bob Sideli ’77 Stewart Hall
Don’t Tell Your Father! Andre Berot Spring ’88 Allen Hall
Frozen Tundra Cailey Cron ’13 Battell Beach
The Long Way Out Jeff Byers, faculty McCardell Bicentennial Hall
Tropical Oasis Will Bellaimey ’10 McCardell Bicentennial Hall Greenhouse
Pseudo-Studying Ben Wessel ’11 Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest
Flash Sing Moriel Rothman ’11 Davis Family Library
Not Your Father’s Library Bob Sideli ’77 Davis Family Library
Passing Through Jake Moritz ’11 McCullough Student Center
Flagpole Duty Chris White ’63 Mead Memorial Chapel
Real Ice Hugh Marlow ’57, staff Nelson Arena
Job Perks Peter Reynolds ’69 Painter Hall
New View Bob Luce ’59 Stewart Hall
Modern Technology Tom Chambers ’91 Axinn Center at Starr Library
Battell Blackout Kenneth Williams ’12 Battell Beach
Crew Team Biniyam Estifanos ’14 Battell Hall
The Fishbowl Hannah Newman ’13 McCardell Bicentennial Hall Greenhouse
En Français Christian Rentsch de Moraga ’76 Le Château
Misquoted? Karl Lindholm ’67, staff Dana Auditorium
Strange Man Karl Lindholm ’67, staff Public Safety
The Confession Karl Lindholm ’67, staff Stewart Hall
The Late Great Pardon Greg Frezados ’90 Munroe Hall
I Knew Right Then Richard Mills ’66 Munroe Hall
Al Fresco Dorm Room Harry Zinn ’70 Painter Hall
Eating Habit Barbara Wilkinson ’12 Ross Dining Hall
Vending Machine Trick Mary Kate Foley ’81 Starr Hall
Saying Good-Bye Emily Lackey ’06 Stewart Hall
Stewart Olympics Taylor Mahony ’96 Stewart Hall


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