The individuality of an “experience” (Prompt 1)

I greatly enjoyed in engaging in many of the contemplative movement exercises and practices that were incorporated into our lessons. Using the body was a great way to reach all levels of thought and connect to the ideas of limitation and struggle addressed in those readings. Especially with the partner activities that involved firm grips, I found that I was able to join ideas that I had reflected on through the readings with real life exemplifications. The firm grip, for example, for me, symbolized the lack of freedom students with disabilities experience within the educational system. The school system is this “greater being” that takes control of their “educational experience” with a firm grip, not allowing them to have the means and liberty necessary to flourish. Many of the movements allowed me to express ideas in non-verbal ways, which in turn perhaps enabled me to further understand them. This supplemented my ideas surrounding different educational experiences, considering the individuality and diverse nature, as well as several different approaches (through mind, body etc.) one may take in achieving them.

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