Empathy Wrap Up

In thinking about empathy and processing how I perceive other’s emotions this month, I feel better able to interpret my surroundings.  One of my big focuses this semester was trying to understand how empathy develops over the course of one’s lifetime.  Starting as children, we turn to our parents as models for how to act and feel.  They teach us how to be polite, how to share, and  how to respect the property and opinions of others.  I think it is of the utmost importance that we have this foundation as our habits as adolescents translate into our adult lives.  The basic principles of empathy are inherently present in some, however, we can always grow and continue to cultivate our understanding of what makes our peers, and ourselves, unique.  As a goal for the future, I want to keep asking my friends how they are and I want to be the best listener I can be.  Sometimes when we have other things on our minds, it is hard to fully hear another person.  However, this skill is invaluable and essential for maintaining fulfilling relationships.

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