Small Team Comradery

As a diver, I am on the smallest team on the Middlebury Campus with an outstanding number of 3 students participating.  Even though we are only a trio, we still have our own coach and more boards than there are divers to practice on.  Not only am I lucky enough to be able to use Midd’s beautiful natatorium, but I also have teammates who encourage and support me both in and out of the pool.  Since I eat two meals a day with these people, it feels as if I know everything that goes on in their days (and they would say the same about mine).  People always ask me if I am sick of them, but the truth is that we even choose to spend extra time together, sometimes heading over to the library after practice or going to other sport’s events.  This week was the first week of our season, and I just wanted to give them a shout out for being the two very best people I could ask for as teammates.  We may be able to cheer as loud as the swimmers, but we still have a lot of spirit.

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