A Cow, A Poem

Here’s a poem that I wrote recently. I think it ties into the theme of awareness. It also attempts to come to a conjunction of physical, mental, and emotional experiences.


Autumn’s finest speckles

the old hillside on a day of rest,

and I sit a moment and watch

a cow in pasture nudging a hay bale.


Let’s go pick apples! you call to me,

and I lean back against the oak,

my spine finding a groove in the bark,

and pluck up a few stray acorns.


You don’t notice the cow—

too caught up in the way the veins

of falling leaves mirror those

tiny wrinkles on your palm,


and the way the breeze makes your hair

dance in the low afternoon sun.

I wait, for the telltale nip of cold

on my bare arms—


But it never comes. So I sit

and ponder you and the cow

And think to myself,

But why is it nudging the hay bale?

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