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Dear Students,

The MAP Peer Mentor Program is looking for mentors for the Fall 2009 semester. We have many new students coming this fall, please take advantage of this exciting opportunity to be a peer mentor by applying online at http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map_mentor.html !

Dear MAP Program mentors and mentees,

I wanted to mention a great opportunity to gain more mentoring experience by occasionally answering questions for prospective MIIS students. I am currently putting together a list of MAP Program participants who would like to participate in this opportunity.  This list will be sent to the MIIS recruiting department, who will give your  name and email address to a prospective student of your degree program when applicable. Your name and email address will only be given out to prospective students who specifically ask to correspond with a current student.

Please let me know if you’d like to be added as well as let me know your preferred email address and program of study. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you! -Gail 🙂

Hi everyone,


The upcoming MAP Program Special Projects Meetings will be held in Student Affairs on


Monday, March 9 at 4 pm


Tuesday, March 10 at 3 pm


If you will attend either of these meetings, please send me an RSVP email by 12 noon  on Monday including which meeting date you will attend. This will help me decide if we need to find a larger space to meet in.


Thanks everyone and looking forward to our upcoming special projects meetings! -Gail 🙂

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder, we will be having a Brown Bag Lunch meeting on Thursday, February 5th from 12:00-2:00 pm in B105.

The Brown Bag Lunch will be a great opportunity to speak with your mentor/mentee as well as other MAP participants. We will also do some training and planning at the event.  Please remember to bring your lunch! I will provide the dessert. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂

Dear Spring 2009 MAP Peer Mentors,

Happy Holidays! I hope you are all having a good holiday so far.  Here is an update on the progress of our Spring 2009 MAP Peer Mentor Program. We currently have 21 mentors on board.

As mentioned before, I’ve extended the mentor application deadline until January 9, 2009. Please feel free to pass on the link to the mentor application(http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map_mentor.html) to anyone you know who might be interested in applying!

I will be beginning the recruiting process for mentees and plan to send you your matches during the week before spring classes begin. Also, we will have a training meeting/pizza social during the first week of classes. I will email more details about this at a later date.

In the meantime, please join the MAP Peer Mentor Program Groups on Facebook at 
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=31196962180 and LinkedIn at

If you have any questions, please let me know. Have a great vacation everyone and looking forward to seeing you when you return!

Warm regards,
Gail 🙂

Be a Peer Mentor for Spring 2009!

The MAP Peer Mentor Program is looking for more mentors…

Apply now to be a mentor for spring 2009!

Mentor applications are available online at

Please apply no later than Friday, January 9, 2009

About the MAP Peer Mentor Program

Who we are: Current students (who have been at MIIS one semester or more)
mentoring new incoming and first year students.

What we do: Establish peer mentoring relationships to support new student
transition and encourage professional networking, information sharing,
friendships and community. Read more about us on our blog at
website at http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map.html

Contact Information: Gail Lu, Coordinator of Student Services, at
gail.lu@miis.edu or 831.647.3586.

Dear Fall 2008 Map Peer Mentor Program Participants,

Thank you again for participating in the MAP Peer Mentor Program this Fall 2008 semester! I hope you all enjoyed your mentorships.

As a wrap up to this semester’s program, the link to an evaluation has been sent to you via email. Please check your email and complete the evaluation online no later than January 5, 2009.

If you would like to continue to receive MAP Peer Mentor Program updates as alumni of the program, please let me know by emailing gail.lu@miis.edu.

Also, I am going to continue to accept mentor applications for Spring 2009 mentors up until Wednesday, January 7th, 2009. If you’d still like to be a MAP Mentor for Spring 2009, please apply online at http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map_mentor.html.

Last but definitely not least, happy holidays everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again for taking part in the Fall 2008 MAP Peer Mentor Program.

Warm regards,

Gail 🙂

 Unfortunately, due to the low number of Yes RSVPS for the MAP Program Game Night that is scheduled  for tomorrow, Friday, December 5th, I have decided to cancel and postpone this event until next semester.  Thank you for your understanding and  to everyone who RSVPed!

Also, I wanted to mention that even though the December 1st deadline for applying to be a MAP peer mentor for Spring 2009 has passed, I will still be taking mentor applications until early January. If you are interested in being a mentor for Spring 2009, please apply online at http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map_mentor.html.

As a reminder, please remember to contact your mentor/mentee one more time before the holidays. Sometime after finals I will also be sending out an evaluation link via email to get  your feedback on the Fall 2008 MAP Peer Mentor Program.

Last but not least, there is now a MAP Peer Mentor Program Linked In group at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1370867. Please join it if you are on “Linked In” in order to network with other MAP Program Participants. 🙂

Thanks again everyone and good luck on your finals! Gail 🙂


Hi everyone,

Just a reminder, if you enjoyed the MAP Peer Mentor program as a mentee or mentor this semester and would like to be a mentor for next semester, Spring 2009, please fill out the mentor application at http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map_mentor.html and submit it no later than December 1st.

Current Mentors, if you would like to participate as a mentor for Spring 2009, please reapply so that I have an updated application from you.

Everyone, please also mention the MAP Peer Mentor Program to your friends! We have 15 mentors on board right now and it would be great to have more.

Looking forward to receiving your mentor applications! -Gail 🙂

Hi everyone,

In preparation for the MAP Peer Mentor Program for Spring 2009, we will be taking mentor applications all month long!

If you enjoyed the MAP Peer Mentor program as a mentee or mentor this semester and would like to be a mentor for next semester, please fill out the mentor application at http://www.miis.edu/saffairs_map_mentor.html and submit it no later than December 1st.

Current mentors, if you would like to participate as a mentor for Spring 2009, please reapply so that I have an updated application from you.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please also mention the MAP Peer Mentor program to your friends!

 Looking forward to receiving your mentor applications.  🙂

-Gail 😀

Our Spring 2009 MAP Program is just around the corner and in the interest of getting the word out about our program, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in volunteering a hour or two of your time in the next few weeks to help film a short YouTube video about the MAP Peer Mentoring Program. The video will be used for promoting our program to current and prospective students.

The video will be an opportunity to do something fun and interactive to help attract future volunteers. We could do a commercial blurb, a Q& A interview, a fun skit, or whatever the volunteers have in mind.

If you are interested in volunteering for creating this video, please let me know ASAP and we can start working on it.

Also, in November I am planning on putting up flyers as well as sending campus wide emails to recruit volunteers for Spring 2009. I will also be recruiting volunteers in other ways as well.

If you have any ideas of how we could promote the MAP Peer Mentoring Program and recruit more volunteers and/or if you would like to volunteer to help recruit in November, please let me know.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to hearing from you!

Gail 🙂

Even though we’ve just begun Fall 2008, the MAP Peer Mentoring Program is already accepting applications for peer mentors for Spring 2009.  Therefore if you are interested in becoming a mentor for the MAP Program for Spring 2009, please apply here!

Please note: If you are currently a mentee in our Fall 2008 program, once you have completed one semester here at MIIS, you will be eligible to be a mentor.

Current MAP participants and MAP Program friends, please pass this information on to all prospective peer mentors! -Gail 😀

More Mentoring Resources

East Connecticut State University has a nice page about peer mentoring that includes links to other resources about college life, culture and academic excellence tips. You can find it here.

Whether you utilize the information for your mentoring conversations, use the information on your own, or refer a friend to this page, hopefully you’ll find some useful information and tips for your graduate school experience! 

-Gail 🙂


Here the first installment of a YouTube video series being produced by Devin Lueddeke, an Enrollment Manager in Recruiting and Kabir, one of your fellow students here at MIIS.   The title of this series is called MIIS Casa and it showcases student living arrangements with the hopes of giving new and prospective students an idea of what types of living arrangements can be found in this area.

Please check out the first installment of MIIS Casa, it’s an enjoyable watch as well as is informative about one type of housing that is available in this area.


Mentors, please impart any advice and insights to your mentees about how to make their living situations more comfortable, for example the best places to buy appliances and furniture. If you know of any good restaurants in their area or some great sites that they should check out, please also share these. Also, as always, please share any other tips that you feel your new peers should know!

-Gail 🙂

Fall 2008 MAP Mentor Training

The Fall 2008 Mentor Training has been uploaded to Youtube! It is 8 minutes and 57 seconds long. MAP Mentors, please watch the training and let me know if you have any questions.

The text in the video is small and so the full powerpoint presentation is available in PDF form by clicking here.

Further training materials for our Mentors to read are:

Tips for Mentors

Resources Available at Student Affairs

Looking forward to seeing you at the MAP Program brown bag lunch on Tuesday, September 9th from 12:00-1:00 pm in Casa Fuente room CF434!

-Gail 🙂

There are lots of resources for students that are available at Student Affairs!  Here is a link to a PDF document that lists the resources available:


The Student Affairs office is open from 9-5, Monday-Friday. Please come on by! You can also reach us by email and by phone. 😉

Tips for Mentors

Here are some helpful tips for mentors from http://academicaffairs.ucsd.edu/staffhr/mentoring/mentor_tips.htm



1. What’s Required. Remember that effective mentoring requires commitment, time and skill.
2. What You Can Offer. Think about what you have to give in a mentoring relationship.

3. What Your Mentee Needs. Remember that an effective mentor is sensitive to the mentee’s needs.

4. Practical Optimism. Project yourself in a positive manner (i.e., as someone interested in supporting your mentee).

5. Make Yourself Accessible. Once your mentee has made contact, please make every effort to respond in a reasonable timeframe.

6. Set Expectations. Define expectations and ground rules at the beginning of the mentoring relationship.

7. Identifying Assumptions. Help your mentee understand when he may be operating from an assumption (which may or may not be accurate).

8. Start off with an introduction. Tell the other person a bit about yourself, both professionally and personally. This helps give the other person some idea of who you are, and it also provides conversation starters…and better understanding about you and your world.

9. Look ahead at your calendar. Are there any days you know that you’ll be offline or ultra-busy? If so…let the other person know, so that if s/he doesn’t hear from you, that person knows it’s because you’re away or you’re swamped.

10. What if your mentee is going through a rough time? Be supportive, yet set clear boundaries. As a mentor, you are not expected to be a therapist.


ABA Mentorship Program – Tips for Mentors


Have other helpful tips for mentors? Please share them by commenting here! 💡

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