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Dear MAP Program mentors and mentees,

I wanted to mention a great opportunity to gain more mentoring experience by occasionally answering questions for prospective MIIS students. I am currently putting together a list of MAP Program participants who would like to participate in this opportunity.  This list will be sent to the MIIS recruiting department, who will give your  name and email address to a prospective student of your degree program when applicable. Your name and email address will only be given out to prospective students who specifically ask to correspond with a current student.

Please let me know if you’d like to be added as well as let me know your preferred email address and program of study. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you! -Gail 🙂

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  1. Samuel George says:

    Dear Gail

    I am Indian national aged 30, qualified as an Indian CPA with current expertise in Corporate Fianance+ Business Valuations. I have recently taken a keen interest in International Policy Studies (sp. International Trade Policy and am looking for mentors in this area. Can you give me some guidance? Thanks

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