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 Here is a list of social events that MAP Program Participants suggested during our Brown Bag Lunch Meeting that we had on September 9th

Suggested Social Events

Big Sur

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Meet up before and attend the Halloween Dance

MAP Panel


Creating T-shirts

Bonfire at the beach/potluck

International Cooking Class

Beach Cleanup

Point Lobos/Weed Bash


Volleyball Game

Arts and Crafts mural creation

Potluck lunch

Movie night

Game night / Ping Pong Tournament

 Study Break/Snack Potluck

For our upcoming social events, due to busy schedules and other events happening on campus, I think it would be best to postpone having a MAP panel discussion until next semester (Spring 2009). Same goes for off campus events as they will require more careful planning.  For the off campus events that were suggested, whenever possible I will try to send out related information so that mentor/mentee pairs and friends can go on their own. MAP Program Participants, if you have more suggestions or information about events that you’d like to share, please let me know by commenting here or sending me an email.

As for on-campus events, I am working on planning and scheduling some of the events that were suggested during our brown bag lunch meeting.  More information about these events and when we will be having them will be coming soon!  -Gail 🙂

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