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Here the first installment of a YouTube video series being produced by Devin Lueddeke, an Enrollment Manager in Recruiting and Kabir, one of your fellow students here at MIIS.   The title of this series is called MIIS Casa and it showcases student living arrangements with the hopes of giving new and prospective students an idea of what types of living arrangements can be found in this area.

Please check out the first installment of MIIS Casa, it’s an enjoyable watch as well as is informative about one type of housing that is available in this area.


Mentors, please impart any advice and insights to your mentees about how to make their living situations more comfortable, for example the best places to buy appliances and furniture. If you know of any good restaurants in their area or some great sites that they should check out, please also share these. Also, as always, please share any other tips that you feel your new peers should know!

-Gail 🙂

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