Blade Runner Essay Topic

After the first round of brainstorming, I got some feedback from Jason and from a few other FMMC people and have decided to center my paper topic around the idea of editing and re-editing a film in order to convey different narrative ideas.  In wanting to explore a topic related to post-production Jason suggested I think about Blade Runner or Brasil, two films which explore this topic.  I knew a bit about the story of what went on with Blade Runner so I was intrigued by that (there are officially 7 versions of the film).  Since it has been released with a variety of cuts and pioneered the Director’s Cut idea on DVD, I think Blade Runner will provide the groundwork for my essay.  I still haven’t seen Brasil, but providing it has relevance I will most likely use it as well as Apocalypse Now (and Redux), Memento and many others.  Ridley Scott has Director’s cuts on a lot of his films so he might be someone I focus on, but a lot of directors have done or have begun to do this, especially now that so many films are being re-released digitally.  I still have a lot of work to do before I formulate a thesis and draft the full proposal but that’s the update on where I am as far as my topic and I’m excited for it. 

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  1. Andrew Manugian

    Good Idea, Matt. Blade Runner’s a really interesting director’s cut because the different versions drastically change the tone (and mood) of the films. I like them all, but I remember a moment in middle school where my friend had seen it on TV and I had seen it on DVD, and we were talking about completely different films…it was quite confusing.

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