About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Middlebury College in Middlebury Vermont. My broad area of research is Numerical Analysis. I specialize in the field of computational fluid dynamics, with a focus on coupled fluid-porous media flow problems. My work involves the development, analysis, and implementation of numerical methods for predicting groundwater-surface water flow phenomena. Methodologies include temporal finite difference methods, finite element methods, and time filters. Recently, I also became interested in the application of machine learning to problems in atmospheric science and high performance computing. I invite you to view my publication list or CV to learn more about my research, or, if you are on campus, please feel free stop by and ask me about my research.

At Middlebury College, I teach a variety of mathematical courses from intro to senior level, with a focus on courses in applied mathematics. Since joining Middlebury, I have created 3 new courses for the mathematics department (MATH0228 Intro. to Numerical Analysis, MATH0328 Numerical Linear Algebra, and MATH0728 Mathematical Methods in Fluid Dynamics). I am particularly interested in pedagogical practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in my courses. This interest is a driving force in my course design, use of educational tools, and methods of delivery.

Outside of Middlebury, I enjoy outdoor activities (hiking, biking, and skiing), making music, practicing taekwondo, and embracing artistic and culinary creativity. I reside in Middlebury with my husband, two children, cat (grey/brown tabby), and dog (black lab).

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