One thought on “Week 12 Day 2 — Pick a passage.

  • May 9, 2022 at 1:59 pm

    In the video “Why Chanel Miller Decided to Come Forward and Write Her Story” by NowThis, she says:
    “In our culture, we tend to rationalize and minimalize behavior. And we dismiss these cases as sloppy mistakes. They are not mistakes. They are felonies. They should be treated as crimes.
    What she said here really struck me. When she says that we “tend to rationalize and minimalize behavior”, it made me think of the way we react when someone apologizes to us. Instead of saying “Thank you for the apology,” we respond with “It’s alright” or “It’s no big deal”. However, he words resonate with me when she says “we dismiss these cases as sloppy mistakes” when sexual assault “should be treated as crimes” while looking at the statistics:
    “Fewer than 30 percent of those women, who were assaulted by force or while they were unable to consent, filed a report or sought help or counseling from their schools—typically because they believed they could handle it alone, were too embarrassed or ashamed, or felt that what they had experienced was not serious enough to merit assistance” (Pauly, The Largest-Every Survey of Campus Sexual Assault Show How Outrageously Common It Is).

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